The goal of Moc Diky z.s. is:

We do not draw subsidies, we do not receive grants, because in our opinion it is evil. If someone (state, city, etc.) already has excess money or an effort to help them should give them to the needy, and they should decide what and how to spend it and not give room for someone else to enrich it.

Each crown you contribute to a specific project gets that particular person, our operation is paid from our funds and contributions specifically designed for us.

a) developing positive values ​​in human life – the art of living together
b) removing the barriers to communication and human relations
c) organizing tours, curative and reconditioning stays
d) Educational activities – life with disabilities
e) the members of the Association act together without prejudice and humiliation, respecting their differences of opinion and values
f) provision and participation in sporting, cultural and social events
g) promoting the possibility of personality development
h) providing financial means to cover the operating costs associated with the operation and transport of persons with disabilities and disabled persons; paraplegics, immobile and handicapped
ch) securing financial means for the operation of z.s.
i) Advice for disabled and disabled, disabled and disabled
j) the acquisition of used and functional compensatory aids and their subsequent provision to the needy
k) lending compensatory aids
l) mediation and assistance
m) organizing public collections for individual projects for disabled, disabled, disabled and ZTP / P cardholders
n) education in the life and complications of the disabled and disadvantaged.
o) assistance and mediation in the event of natural, humanitarian disasters and epidemics
p) assistance and mediation assistance to survivors of the Czech Army and IRS
r) assistance and mediation of survivors who have died in helping others and protecting their lives and property
s) organizing the collection for its own operation
t) nature and landscape protection
u) organizing cultural and educational events
v) publishing of books, leaflets and brochures and publishing
w) production, purchase and sale of promotional items serving to promote z.s.
x) cooperation with public authorities, ecclesiastical and other civil societies and associations
y) promoting and defending the rights, interests and needs of persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities; persons with reduced mobility, immobile and handicapped persons

Support the handicapped, counseling, assistance and mediation financial assistance.
Operation of a special free telephone line for lonely and abandoned.

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Even little help is help