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Moc díky! zs



Name and seat of the association

1.1. The name of the association is: Moc díky! zs
. The seat of the association is: Prosecká 37/40, PRAHA 9 – Prosek


Purpose of the association

2.1. The purpose and mission of the association is:

a) developing positive values ​​in human life – the art of living together
b) removing the barriers to communication and human relations
c) Educational activities – life with disabilities
d) assistance for and participation in sporting, cultural and social events
e) promoting the possibility of personality development
f) providing financial means to cover the operating costs associated with the operation and transportation of persons with disabilities and disabled persons; paraplegics, immobile and handicapped
g) securing financial means for the operation of z.s.
h) counseling for disabled and disabled, immobile and disabled
i) the acquisition of used and functional compensatory aids and their subsequent provision to the needy
j) lending compensatory aids
k) mediation and provision of assistance for disabled and disabled persons
l) organizing public collections for individual projects for handicapped, disabled, ZTP and ZTP / P card holders
m) education in the life and complications of the disabled and disadvantaged
n) assistance and mediation for natural, humanitarian disasters and epidemics
o) assistance and mediation of help to survivors of the Czech Army and IRS
p) assistance and mediation of survivors who have died in helping others and protecting their lives and property
q) organizing the collection for its own operation
r) nature and landscape protection
s) publishing
t) cooperation with public authorities, religious and other civil societies and associations
u) promoting and defending the rights, interests and needs of persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities; persons with reduced mobility, immobile and handicapped persons

2.2. The members of the Association act together without prejudice and humiliation, respecting each other’s differing views and values.


Association membership

3.1. A member of the association may be a person over 18 years of age who expresses his / her consent to be bound by the statutes from the moment he / she becomes a member of the association.

3.2. The chairman, as the statutory body of the association, decides on admission as a member.

3.3. Membership in the association expires by withdrawal, expulsion, or other means specified in the law.

3.4. The association may exclude a member who has seriously breached the obligation of membership and has not remedied within a reasonable time even after the association has been called. The request is not required if the breach of the obligation cannot be undone or if it has caused particularly serious harm to the association.

3.5. The member meeting decides on the exclusion of a member. Any member may submit a proposal to expel a member; the proposal shall specify the circumstances justifying the ground for exclusion. The member against whom the application is directed must have the opportunity to become acquainted with the application for exclusion, to ask for its explanation and to provide all the benefits to him. The exclusion decision shall be delivered to the expelled member.


Rights and duties of members of the association

4.1. The member of the association has the right to:
a) to participate in the activities of the Association
b) vote in the bodies of the association
c) be elected to the bodies of the association
d) to contact the bodies of the Association with complaints and complaints and ask for their comments

4.2. The member of the association is obliged to:

a) observe the statutes of the association
b) to participate in the purpose and mission of the association
c) conscientiously perform functions in the organs of the association
d) attend membership meetings


Bodies of the association

5.1. The statutory body of the association is the chairman. The term of office of the statutory body of the association is five years. The chairman represents the association separately.

5.2. The chairman is elected and recalled by a membership meeting of the association.

5.3. The supreme body of the association is the membership meeting.

5.4. The membership meeting is convened by the chairman of the association at least once a year.

5.5. The chairman of the association shall convene a meeting of members at the initiative of at least one third of the members of the association. If the chairman of the association does not convene a meeting of the members ‘meeting within thirty days from the delivery of the initiative, the person who lodged the initiative may convene the meeting of the members’ meeting at the expense of the association.

5.6. The meeting shall be convened by the chairman in an appropriate manner, in particular by e-mail at least 10 days before the meeting. The invitation shall indicate the place, time and agenda of the meeting.

5.7. The members’ meeting is able to take decisions with the participation of the majority of the members of the association. The resolution shall be adopted by a majority of the members present at the time of the quorum; each member has one vote.

5.8. The chairman of the association shall ensure that the minutes of the meeting are made within thirty days of its closure. If this is not possible, the minutes shall be drawn up by the chairman of the meeting or by the delegation. The minutes must show who convened the meeting and how, when it was held, who opened it, who presided over it, what other members of the members’ meeting elected, what resolutions it adopted and when the minutes were drawn up.


Termination of the association

6.1. The Association ceases to exist by dissolution or merger with another association, solely on the basis of a resolution of the members’ meeting of the Association. If the association ceases to exist, the members’ meeting shall decide at the same time on the method of settlement of the association.


Final Provisions

7.1. The Association is established in accordance with the provisions of Section 218 of the Civil Code, as all the founders of the Association agreed on these statutes.

7.2. The association will be established on the day of its entry in the public register. The founders undertake to submit a proposal for registration of the association in the public register.

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