My name is Petra Dvorakova…

I’ve been in a wheelchair since I was born. When I was born, I was diagnosed with Osteogenezis Imperfecta III. In layman’s terms, the fragility of the bones. It is a genetic disease of connective tissue – collagen. The bones are brittle and thus tend to break. Bone deformity (due to fractures) and small stature are still associated with this disease. So I’ve been in a wheelchair since I was born.

Despite this relatively great handicap I am positive and do not sit at home. I try to live a normal life. I go to work, to the theater to the cinema, to meet friends and when we are just driving a car, so for smaller trips.

Traveling around Prague is sometimes a big deal and a surprise in one, because you never know what is ready for you on that day.

For example, it may happen (and it happens quite often) that the bus that arrives will not get into it because the low-floor bus has not arrived or is full, if the seats are already occupied by strollers or other invitations. Or there is no platform or lift at the metro.

It is very uncomfortable that when I get to the subway, I get to the destination, but then I find that I will not get out because the elevator is not running. So I have to think of the best alternative, how and how to get from the subway and then to the place While sighing that having such a car, I would be spared these experiences…. Although what we will talk about, driving in Prague is also a very nice experience ☺ But again, in bad weather is really better variant of the car. Because to travel by public transport in bad weather and not to mention that he will not reach the destination, because for example, there is no elevator…. etc.

Nothing less I have a driving license, there is no problem, just the car would have to undergo adjustments to manual driving. Or I have people around me, including a friend, who will be happy to take me anywhere.

Before my car terminated our service, my friend and I made some long and short trips, France, Italy, Poland. It was very nice, but from the photos you can see that we were not in one place for a long time ☺ In Poland towards the Tatras was also really beautiful.

I would be delighted if we could enjoy some extended trips again, while not hanging anywhere with an immobile car. ☺

My name is Petra Dvorakova.I was born with Osteogenesis imperfecta 3st. (Sometimes called lacrimation in bone) which is a genetic bone disorder associated with mild to moderate bone deformity.And so I have been permanently reliant on a wheelchair since I was born. wheelchair, the more I like to travel and meet new places, people and customs. I got my driving license when I was about 20 years old. I work as an accountant, issue and post invoices. Every day I commute to work and every day is an unwanted adventure for me because I do not know if and how I get to work. Once the platform does not work at the subway station, sometimes at the exit. It’s similar with buses. One day I can’t get on the wheelchair at other times. I don’t have a low-floor connection again. My doctor and specialist have over half a city, so visiting a doctor is a day trip for me. Yes, you can argue that I should find a doctor closer to my home, but there is not a specialist for my illness, and she has been in my care since birth, just like my general practitioner, who not only knows me from childhood Having my own car is my dream not only for traveling and exploring the world but it is also a necessity. Because every time I leave my home means traveling in a wheelchair and traveling with a wheelchair is not one of the simplest activities that can be operated not only in Prague.

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