My name is Petra Dvorakova.

I was born with Osteogenesis imperfecta 3st. (sometimes called lay bone fracture) which is a genetic bone disorder associated with mild to moderate bone deformity.

And so I have been reliant on a wheelchair since I was born.

With the contribution of the state, with the support of friends and perhaps with the helpful attitude of the seller, I want to buy a car. Which would make my life very easy and allow me to travel.

Given my handicap, a car would make my life much easier.

That is why I have decided to ask you for help and contribution.

If this were to happen, more than I would need to buy a car would be chosen, and everything I would give to someone with a disability similar to mine.

Similarly, if this form is taken, I will offer assistance to other affected people.

Therefore, I ask for your help and contribution to you.

To be fair, I must say that a car is not a necessity for me, on the other hand it will make my life much easier.

You can support and contribute Petra

You can support and contribute Petra
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The ability and willingness to help others makes a person human.

Even little help is help