MY TRIPS – výlety

Trouble and trouble in a wheelchair
– illustrative

from trips in the Czech Republic – Darkovičky
in bunker Fortification of petrol station Hlučínsko, MO-S 21/22

Travel Poland
– Wawel Castle in Cracow, where the funeral of Lech Kaczynski, President, was also held
– in the Museum “Birthplace” of Pope John Paul II in Wadowice
– at the statue of J. Paul II in Wadowice


– old (original) “Saint Tropez” gendarme
– “The New Staff” of the Gendarme of Saint Tropez
– I felt even smaller under the Eiffel Tower 🙂
– My friend and guide in the photo with an Italian policeman
– on Eiffel with a friend
– on the Eiffel with the assistant and the beautiful Eiffel
– suburbs of Paris (car already has pimples)
– Saint Tropez
-Saint Tropez maid
– 2x on the beach in Saint-Tropez
– with a loaf of Fr bread
– Eiffel from a wheelchair perspective


– At Warazz Savon Beach (first time by the sea)
– I sometimes fell out of fatigue while traveling
-Warazze, we spent the night under the palm trees
– Via Gavotti on the lookout
– in front of a palm tree
– Talk to Italian Via Gavotti
– Customs
– what I don’t see on the road
– at sea (for the first time at sea) SUPEER
– 2x under a palm tree and in Warazz

– 2x Lourdes
– I drank but I didn’t start walking 🙁
– at the source of Sv. Bernadety
– Lourdes Cathedral
-I drank but I didn’t start walking 🙁
-Water from the source we took with us
– NEVERS – grave Sv. Bernadety

Switzerland – Italy
– The Alps
– Barrier
– Customs, border crossing
– transition

Southern Italy – this is where the car told us it was going to the car 🙁

Even little help is help