We considered carefully whether to take the much-used way today and to use DMS (donor SMS)

If we want to help, those who need it.

pricing policy regarding DMS is, however, something beyond our understanding.

( see picture )

And to top it off, add one crown from each DMS to the GSM network operator.

It is not help or mediation, but a pure deal.

Right at the beginning, anyone who wants to withdraw money to help must invest at least 3700, – + 21% VAT, which is about 4500, –

+ then one crown goes to one GSM operator.

Every crown spent in this way basically pays those who want to help, and each crown so paid will ultimately reduce the amount collected to help.

And that is not fair to us.

Therefore, we decided that under these conditions it is not consistent with our approach to go DMSek

ceník DMS 13.9.2019

Even little help is help