Moc diky z.s. (Many Thanks )

We are friends, we have known each other for many years.

We are four, as four seasons, as four elements, as four musketeers.

We are different and we are a team. but we all live by the motto:

Honor your parents, help the weak, defend your country, don’t be indifferent.

Our friend is Petra Dvořáková, who told us about her problems with traveling not only in Prague, about her joy of getting to know new places and regions.

(some of us took part in some trips with Petra “as an accompanying service” and it is interesting to see what she noticed on the road, what she rejoiced and we came to it as trivial and trivial – perhaps she did not believe she would get even the Eiffel Tower (Paris FR), or a tour of the salt mines in Wieliczka PL was a utopia for her, but she was so eager to see there that she could.

But she also told us about her troubles with the car.

About eight years ago she bought a car with her boyfriend.

Older used Volkswagen.

She had been able to do miracles with him, had traveled a part of Europe with her boyfriend and friends, but had spent a lot of time in the service and almost never returned because of a water pump failure with the advent of age and mileage. is not only uneconomical but practically impossible.


The car was Petra’s second leg, which for the most part compensated her for being in a wheelchair.

Her boyfriend has been (successfully) fighting cancer for four years, but he is still out of work and so they don’t have the money for the rest, they say, “live from hand to mouth.”

We would like to help Petra with her new car, but even in our financial possibilities, her dream is not fulfilled.

So we put “heads together” and said that we would try to help so much in what each of us is an “expert”.

One controls the law, the other the graphics, and the other is more oriented through social media, and the third controls journalism.

So we founded a “registered association” and decided to organize a public fundraising campaign to reach out to everyone who can and want to help.

We do not draw subsidies, we do not receive grants, because in our opinion it is evil. If someone (state, city, etc.) already has excess money or an effort to help them should give them to the needy, and they should decide what and how to spend it and not give room for someone else to enrich it.

Each crown you contribute to a specific project gets that particular person, our operation is paid from our funds and contributions specifically designed for us.

But it would not have been Peter if she had not come to the conclusion that if we succeeded, we could also help others that she was not alone who had the needs and dreams she would not earn and the state would not help.

Our argument that there are plenty of nonprofits and mostly serves as a money laundering or just to enrich a few individuals with the words if someone wants to help, will contribute to a particular person or project, and even if someone wants to help us as a guild, it will contribute directly to us. This is a clean and fair solution.

And so arose ziddies z.s. (registered association)


How to contribute to the operation?

On account

You can support us and contribute
Manythanks account
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Fio Banks

By making a donation you can also reduce your income tax liability.
In particular, individuals – individuals use the possibility of tax advantages when providing gifts.
For legal entities, donation is one of the ways of tax optimization.
In addition to the possibility of lowering the tax base, it can also be a kind of presentation, goodwill, visibility (on the donor list, etc.)

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Even little help is help